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Re: [IP] Medic-Alert question

> >mine has "diabetes mellitus on insulin pump">
> Since Type 2 is ALSO diabetes mellitus, is that enough info? Many people
> think because we are adults, we are T-2's. Medical people *should* know
> (those who need to see the engraving) what IDDM means - Insulin Dependent
> Diabetes Mellitus.

diabetes mellitus seems to be what medic-alert canada puts on the bracelets,
no matter if type 1 or 2.  anyway, average citizen who might read my
bracelet will read "diabetes" and "insulin".  IDDM means very little, if
nothing, to a lot of people still, and i'd rather that anyone reading the
bracelet knows that it's some form of diabetes, and not some acronym they
can't understand.
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