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[IP] Re: Easter treats

> <<And does anyone have any tricks for counting those big hollow easter 
> bunnies
> etc as far as carbs?>>

Hi Shelly,
     Do you have a gram scale?  It is really so useful.  When Claire has 
something big and yummy, that she won't eat all in one sitting, this is what 
we do.  She weighs the item and we note the weight.  She nibbles or chews or 
sucks the lollipop or chocolate bunny until she has had enough and then 
weighs the item again, to see how much she has consumed.  Then I help her 
figure out the amount of carbs and she gives her bolus.  This has worked very 
well for us as her insulin seems to kick in very quickly.
     Milk chocolate is about 55% carbs.  Other sugary sweets are almost 100% 
carbs, (try to read the ingredient list) though Claire sometimes goes low 
after sweets, so this is probably a bit of an overestimate.  
     Do you know the carbs in the Cadbury Caramilk egg, same size as the 
Creme Egg?  Is it also 29 carbs?  I guessed it to be about 24 carbs the other 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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