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[IP] Re: Pump Accessories

I bought a "leg thing" from the Diabetes Mall online and I love it!  It's
made out of spandex and unless I'm running, which never happens :), it
doesn't fall down.  I also got a Disetronic "thigh thing" when I donated
to IP and I hate it! It's very uncomfortable and refuses to stay up. 
Maybe a spandex one would work better than one that velcros.  I can't say
enough about the leg thing though, I never realized how much my pump got
in the way when it was on my pocket until it wasn't there.  You can wear
it under long skirts quite easily.

>Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 15:37:33 -0600

>From: "Tina Duncan" <email @ redacted> >Subject: [IP] Pump accessories
> >Do any ladies (or gent's) know if there is a leg band available to
conceal the >pump while wearing a dress? I thought Minimed had one and I
just looked at >their web site but couldn't find anything. Maybe I looked
at the wrong place. >Also, if anyone has one does it work well? Do you
have any other suggestions >on concealing the pump? Thanks..... TIna  


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