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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #219

> Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 17:46:55 -0600
> From: "Pat Bannon" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Celiac disease
> Does anyone have Celiac disease?  My
> daughter got tested for it last week and
> I was just wondering about it. Thanks

Hi Pat,
    I was diagnosed with celiac disease 2 years ago, then with diabetes 1
year ago. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease which is an intolerance to
the gluten protein in wheat, rye, barley and oats. Celiac causes damage to
the intestines which can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss,
anemia, and malabsorption. The only relief for celiac symptoms is to
maintain a gluten free diet, for life. If a gluten free diet is not
maintained, chances of ending up with lymphoma of the intestines is
increased greatly.
    The guten-free diet is VERY difficult, even more so than the diabetic
diet if you ask me. One must stay away from anything made from wheat, rye,
barley and/or oats. This would include anything made from wheat flour such
as bread, cookies, cakes, pizza, pasta, or gravies thickened with flour,
foods coated with any type of breading, stuffing etc. Most fast foods out of
the question for celiacs since they are mostly served on rolls or buns, or
contain other gluten containing products such as soy sauce or bbq sauce.
    Your best bet for getting information on celiac disease is through the
on-line celiac support group page (
http://forums.delphiforums.com/celiac/start ) . There are links at the top
of that page for a celiac food list page and a link to sign up to the Celiac
listserve, like this listserv here at insulin pumpers.org .  They even have
a list for celiac & diabetes, which I subscribe to as well.
    Good luck to you and your daughter, write if I can help in any other
Pat V
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