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[IP] RE: foot injury

>...stepped on a board that had 2nails sticking up.  (yes, I did know the 
board was there...)They went thru the shoe & into my foot, at the arch.Since 
they went in deep, I'm worried about nerve damage.  My 4th toe does feela bit 
different.I soaked right away, put on antibiotic ointment & a bandaid. I will 
soak again soon.  I figure that soaking 2-3 x a day might help. <

Yes, it might help. But you still need to notify the MD.

>Maybe not.<
How will you know? Call MD.

>I also started some keflex that I keep on hand, which according to my doc 
helps w/ skin infections. <

How do you know it is the right antibiotic for a deep, dirty, puncture wound? 
 Call MD!

>Of course, working Monday is out.  I walk all day at my job, & it hurts a 
tad just keeping the foot elevated.  Can't imagine how it would feel after 
all daywalking! < 

Smart move, but you still need to notify the MD.

>Any  suggestions on how to make sure this doesn't get infected?  (yes, I am 
up to date on my tetanus shot!) <

How do you know you don't need a booster? Call the MD.

> Since it's the weekend, my urgent care has only family docs on staff.  
Specialists are on-call, but not sure when I should call. Loretta<

Notify the office in the am.  It is possible your soaks and ointment, and 
Keflex will hold off a bigger problem (in the short term), but you still need 

Please, Loretta, take care of your foot. You need your feet to take the rest 
of you out and about. Good luck, and best wishes for a quick healing and no 

(Daughter of mom who had a below the knee amputation. 
Have I made a point?)
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