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[IP] Easter Treats

Hi Shelly,
If you're counting carbs, the best thing for foods like the Easter Bunny
treats are to get a scale to weigh portions!  Since we got a little
scale to weigh the grams listed in the nutrition label, many things have
been much easier.  For example, how are you going to figure-out how to
cut accurately what 1/6th of a chocolate bunny is?  There is usually a
gram weight next to the serving size on the nutrition label.  We use our
scale for everything that is not accurately labeled (and also for things
we are suspicious of...  ;-} ).  Also have the Pocket Pancreas which
lets us apply a factor to the weight of stuff like baked potatoes,
homemade bread, etc. to approximate how many carbs are in the food.  We
love it, takes a lot of the guess-work out of "guesstimating."  Whoa,
that word made it through spell-check?
Pump-mom to Gen 6 (dx'd 13 mths, pumping over 2 years since age 4 1/2)
and James 10-non-D 

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