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Re: [IP] Pump accessories

> Do any ladies (or gent's) know if there is a leg band available to conceal
the pump while wearing a dress? >

I went to  my local pharmacy and purchased a Foley catheter strap!  It was
cheap (maybe $5) and even though I don't plan on having to use it for a
catheter in the near future, it works great for wearing my pump when I wear
a dress without a waist.  It's elastic and has velcro on it so you can
adjust it for just about any size.  I slip it on my upper thigh and attach
my pump clip kind of toward the inner thigh.  You don't see the pump at all
(unless you're wearing a real slinky dress, which I haven't done).  The only
hassle I had was giving myself a bolus while wearing the pump this way.  I'd
have to adjourn to a rest room just like the olden days when I had to inject
a bolus.  But now that I have a remote for my 508, that problem is solved.
I suppose if you're going out dancing you might want to check it for
slippage every once in a while, but it has worked well for me for the most
part.  I actually learned about this from my Minimed rep when I first
discovered the challenge of dressing with a pump.
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