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[IP] Fly Me Away

"For those of you who have flown since 9/11, what have been your experiences
with seatmates when flying---do you mention your pump, testing equipment
when you sit down and/or pull it/them out later or just do your own thing
and ignore them? And the people across the aisle?  How far could this
possible interest extend?"

I recently flew from Austin to Denver and home again. On the way up I pulled 
out my p0ump when they passed out the snack mix (11 carbs 1.5 unit bolus) - 
and I also did a check. I was chatting to the woman next to me and there was 
a young girl on my right that was quite interested - so I explained what I 
was doing - then showed her the pump - they both thought it was pretty cool. 
No problems at all.

Linda & Dax
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