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[IP] Charcot for Peggy

Hi Peggy,
I went thru this a few years back and my advice is to listen to what they say!
Stay off of it. Dont even cheat with a little weight on it when it starts
feeling better.  I was breaking bones by just walking and the worst one was in
my right heel but I didnt know anything til my foot grew bigger then a
grapefruit.   Long story short (Ill try anyway) is they ended up taking bone
from my hip and putting it in my heel. (Im now an inch shorter) I was in a
wheelchair for about a year and a half then to those wonderful moon boots with
the velcro and then to half braces.  Im making it plural because the moment i
stepped on my good foot using a walker I heard a crack and went down. (thats
one noise I wont ever forget)  Two and a half very long years later I was free
of all the braces. Im not supposed to jog or run but I do the treadmill now
which considering they didnt think I would walk again is a miracle.  So check
your feet and listen to the docs and what they say.
I hope everything turns out well for you and if you have any other questions
feel free to email me off the list.

Pump Hugggggggssssssssssssss..........Dauna

From: Peggy A Oberg <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re:Charcot

I am interested in hearing from folks who have dealt with Charcot...what
brought it on, how it was treated, how long it took to heal,
etc...anything that might encourage me as I deal with this very slow
process. I turned my foot on a doormat early last June (2001) and
fractured the bone in my heel completely through. For the first several
months even though I was be treated by an orthopedic surgeon, he had no
expertise with charcot, so it went several months without diagnosis and
virtually no treatment ("wear good sneakers and use a cane")  Now I see a
doctor who seems to really know her stuff, she has me in a velcro boot,
putting no weight on it using crutches and I even do my office job from a
wheelchair now. This membership if full of experts on what seems to be
limitless subjects...can anyone offer me some advice? Thanks bunches!Get more
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