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[IP] brittle diabertes

I have NO clue as to why my blood sugar is what it is. I get so tired of
people who are uneducated about diabetes just assuming it is because I have
done something wrong. (eaten a forbidden food, not taken insulin, etc.) Does
anyone else out there feel this way?
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You need to think about this a little, of all of the diabetics out there in
sweetland, how many of us are type 1 and have a reason for being brittle.
the majority of patient contacts are type 2 and cheaters. even in camps,
cheating to the extent possible is the root cause for instability of blood
glucose levels. most of the kids* are really quite stable when bgs are
calculated out for bolus and basal properly. my doc and his np have alluded
to my cheating every so often and chiefly to shut them up I tell them yes or
I miscalculated the carbs in a meal. its easier than to conduct a
reeducation class for them. I do agree it is a pain in your posterior
* treen age girls are susceptible to the dangerous game: How low can i make
my tdd of insulin in a bid to lose weight.
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