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[IP] foot injury

I did a klutzy & stupid thing this afternoon & stepped on a board that had 2
nails sticking up.  (yes, I did know the board was there...)
They went thru the shoe & into my foot, at the arch.
Since they went in deep, I'm worried about nerve damage.  My 4th toe does feel
a bit

I soaked right away, put on antibiotic ointment & a bandaid.
I will soak again soon.  I figure that soaking 2-3 x a day might help.
Maybe not.

I also started some keflex that I keep on hand, which according to my doc
helps w/ skin infections.

Of course, working Monday is out.  I walk all day at my job, & it hurts a tad
just keeping the foot elevated.  Can't imagine how it would feel after all day

Any  suggestions on how to make sure this doesn't get infected?  (yes, I am up
to date on my tetanus shot!)  Since it's the weekend, my urgent care has only
family docs on staff.  Specialists are on-call, but not sure when I should

type 1; diag. 1966; pumping 1/01
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