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Re: [IP] price gouging

On 30 Mar 2002 at 7:59, Marianne & Steve wrote:

> I'm in the process of fighting with a supplier for charges of infusion sets and
> would like input from others about charges they have experienced for these sets.
>  I am required to order "in network" for my supplies.  For a box of Disetronic
> 10/10 Tenders I have been billed $660.  I could get this same box from
> Disetronic for $173 but they are not "in network".  I pay 20 % of the cost.  I
> have protested this , but the company tells me this is their retail charge.  I
> responded that I have never heard of anybody on this website being charged such
> an exorbitant price.  A representative is checking on this price hike and well
> get back to me next week .  Is anyone else out there paying this price? I need
> some ammunition for response to her.  I also contacted my insurance co about
> this but have not heard back from them. Marianne
> ----------------------------------------------------------

Nevermind dealing with the Insurance Co. execs and their "brother-in-law" who owns the "in network" supply  company; contact Disetronic.  Let them know what is 
happening and that you want to deal with them directly.  They will assist you by getting themselves onto the "in network" list.   Don't know who they'll have to marry, but I 
could send you some 12 guage buckshot if you need more ammo!     ;>)

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