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Re: [IP] price gouging

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From: "Marianne & Steve" <email @ redacted>
>  I am required to order "in network" for my supplies.  For a box
> of Disetronic 10/10 Tenders I have been billed $660.  I could get this
> box from Disetronic for $173 but they are not "in network".  I pay 20 % of
> the cost.

I don't know exactly what a box of sets cost (because I get them together
with other supplies), but the price charged to my insurance company, even
after the PPO write-off is enormous.

I don't think the insurance companies are stupid -- there must be a REASON
for them making this choice -- and when it all boils down to the bottom, my
interest is in assuring the least cost to MYSELF.

So do the arithmetic -- 20% of $660 is $132 -- still cheaper than $173. If
you went out-of-network, would they pay any part of the money, or would it
be all on your own? If they paid 50%, say, of $173, then your cost would be
$86.50 -- which would make it cheaper to YOU to go out of network. On the
other hand, if they would pay nothing, then you're better off staying

In my case, I do MUCH better with the PPO -- and it's not my responsibility
to look out for the insurance company -- if they want to economize, it's up
to THEM to figure out how.

Meanwhile, as far as YOUR pocketbook is concerned, one way to cut costs is
to use the combo packages (5 tubings, 10 sets) which are cheaper than the
complete packages. I also reuse reservoirs 2 or 3 times (I have a MM --
don't know if it is possible with a D).

Some people can also leave sets in longer than others -- 3 days is NOT a
hard and fast rule -- but it's also an individual thing, and is a good idea
only if it works -- if you get infections easily, it's NOT a good idea. I
can go 4 days if I stretch it, BUT I know others who've routinely gone up to
7. However, there are some people who can only go 2 days -- YMMV.

There's no doubt pumping is expensive, but at the current time, we have to
work with what we have.

As far as changing the policy -- you need to work with your company, which
is the one who decides what is covered and what isn't -- THEY need to
negotiate with the insurer to change anything.

Good luck!

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