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Re: [IP] weight gain on the pump

On 29 Mar 2002 at 16:07, email @ redacted wrote:

> Has anyone experienced weight gain after starting on the pump?  I have 
> been doing MDI for 2 years and have maintained my weight.  Can I expect 
> to gain once I start on the pump? 
> Thanks to all for the great advice and information. 
> Kim Hoyt 
> type 1 diagnosed 2/2/00 at age 33

I am afraid it is a given.  When you go on the pump you are destined to gain more than 3 ounces immediately!!!!  But that's not so bad, on the old pumps you could gain 
more than a pound.   ;>)

Some people will gain weight due to the "new freedom" they've gained.  Others are able to lose weight due to the control that pumping gives them.  A reduction in your Total 
Daily Insulin can lead to better control of your diet and awareness that your TDI is going up can lead to tighter control of the total calories.  I've reduced my TDI by better 
than 20% (then there are the Chocolate Ice Cream days and that control goes out)  But overall I've lost almost 25 lbs. from my "heavy" injection days.  Of course, YMMV.    

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