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[IP] Animas Pump

Hi Lisa and Miranda,
Have fun and good health with your new pumps!  I just updated from a 507 (no
complaints) to an Animas R1000 and absolutely love it. Im not only my doctors
first patient on Novolog but also her first Animas user. Didn't really want to
be a guineau pig with things but I guess it takes some of us to pave the way.

Pump Hugggggssssssss............Dauna

Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 22:38:24 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Animas Pump

Hi everyone,
I wanted to let ya'll know about our WONDERFUL experience with Animas.  I
have been on an Animas for 2 months now, and really wanted one for my
daughter.  She has been pumping on an h-tron for almost 2 years now, but I
love my Animas and thought the features would really help her.  Unfortunantly
we could not afford a new one, with me just getting one and the warranty not
up on the h-tron.
Well the Animas trainer told me about the Diabetes Trust Fund and their
partnership with Animas.  I approached Miranda's CDE at Tx Children's and
told them I wanted one.  They have never put a kid on one but I said no
problem, we will be the first.  The Endo signed the Rx and I faxed the
application a week and a day ago.  We got her new pump tonight!!!  They are
paying for all deductibles and co-pays and supplies for 4 years.  YEAH.
I cannot believe that they got approval from the DTF and my insurance and had
it shipped in a week WOW what a great company!
Thanks for listening!
Lisa  dxd 1-16-02, pumping 1 week later
mom to Miranda dxd at 17 months pumping 2 years
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