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Re: [IP] hope to be pump user

On 29 Mar 2002 at 15:28, Mary Walden wrote:

> The  papers have been sent to Disetronic for the D-Tron pump.   I have been
> keeping good control of the Blood sugars & the HBA1C are around 6.   My Endo
> suggested that I would be a good candidate for the pump   as I am a very active
> person & would be easier than taking 4- 5 shots a day at the present time I am
> on Lanturs & Humalog.   Well here is the kicker the Endo indicated because I
> have been keeping everything under such good control that my insurance (Medicare
> primary) may not accept the pump.   I guess I am a little shocked at that
> statement in other words if I went out of control there would not be a problem
> with  insurance accepting the pump.  Has anyone ever come across this problem?
> Thanks Mary

The proverbial insurance "Catch 22", if you have bad control you aren't diligent enough to be on a pump, if you have good control the pump is not necessary for control.  
There are other things besides an A1c number that really measure "control", like the number of hypo episodes, the severity of them, the range of your "dawn effect", 
sensitivity to particular insulins and your ability to detect hypo episodes.  Talk with the Insurance dept. at Disetronic, they have the way to word the "Letter of Necessity" 
that will back the insurance co.. into it's own "Catch 22"!      ;>)

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