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Re: [IP] Animas Pump

>I wanted to let ya'll know about our WONDERFUL experience with Animas. I 
>have been on an Animas for 2 months now, and really wanted one for my 
>daughter. She has been pumping on an h-tron for almost 2 years now, but I 
>love my Animas and thought the features would really help her. 
>Unfortunantly we could not afford a new one, with me just getting one and 
>the warranty not up on the h-tron. Well the Animas trainer told me about 
>the Diabetes Trust Fund and their partnership with Animas. I approached 
>Miranda's CDE at Tx Children's and told them I wanted one. They have never 
>put a kid on one but I said no problem, we will be the first. The Endo 
>signed the Rx and I faxed the application a week and a day ago. We got her 
>new pump tonight!!! They are paying for all deductibles and co-pays and 
>supplies for 4 years. YEAH. I cannot believe that they got approval from 
>the DTF and my insurance and had it shipped in a week WOW what a great 
>company! Thanks for listening! Lisa dxd 1-16-02, pumping 1 week later

I find this interesting.  Who did you talk to at Animas?  I've been using 
an H-Tron Plus for the last 2 years and also think that the newer features 
of the Animas would help me.  When I talked to Animas they basically told 
me that since I had a pump, I would have to wait until it broke and could 
no longer be fixed before I could get a new pump.

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