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[IP] airlines - restriction on carry on bags

I flew Delta for the first time this past week - I am never flying Delta
again.  As we were ready to board (40 person shuttle from Des Moines to
Atlanta where you have to walk outside and  across the runway and board from
the ground) the lady checking the tickets says as I go through "you will have
to stow your bag as you enter the plane - we have a full plane today and you
can't have your carry-on".  As I try to argue with her that it has medical
supplies in it I can see it will do no good to argue - besides we are already
taking off one hour late to overbooking and Delta not wanting to invountarily
bumping someone so I proceed down to the runway.  When I get ready to climb
the steps into the plane there is a man there to put a ticket on my bag.  He
says he will return it as I exit the plane in Atlanta.  I explain to him I
NEED my bag as it has syringes, insulin, etc.  He says that doesn't matter as
I will get it back when I exit the plane.  So I sit down on my knees on the
runway and proceed to empty out all my crucial supplies out of my bag filling
my pockets with what I can.  (My daughter had just went through the ticket
agent right before me with a bag almost the same size and they did not take
her bag from her but it was so noisy on the runway I yelled at her to let me
put stuff in her bag but she could not hear me and had already boarded the
plane with her bag).  Anway, then I hand my bag to the guy who promises I will
get it back upon exiting the plane.  Okay - I am already steaming but get this
- when I climb the steps to the plane the steward greets me at the top of the
steps with these words "Oh, I am so glad to see that you bowed down to me at
the bottom of the steps before you boarded the plane today"!  Okay - I am
ready to punch him out at that point but my kids told me to sit down!  I
figured I had better just sit down and keep my mouth shut or once I got
started I would probably be thrown off the plane.  Then 20 minutes into the
flight the same steward asks why 90% of the people on the plan are heading to
Phoenix by way of Atlanta.  We all say we are not going to Phoenix.  After
about another ten minutes the steward then figures out that he picked up the
wrong flight list before he boarded the plane.  Therefore at that point he
didn't have any idea who was on the plane or where any of us were going so
they could not give us connecting information, etc.     The steward was just
laughing about it at that point.  Needless to say it was a horrible flight
and due to the fact that we took off over an hour late we missed our
connection flight from Atlanta to Orlando.  If the steward had the correct
flight list we could have at least got the correct connecting information.
Let me add that upon boarding the plane I always put my carry on bag
underneath the seat in front of me - it would have fit fine so why wasn't I
allowed to keep it?  The steward said it was because of a "full plane".  I
would never stow my bag in the overhead bin but at that point I did examine
the overhead bins and they were all empty.  Wonder what they were saving that
room for anyway?
On my return flight the next Saturday I was on the same size shuttle plane
with the same carry-on bag and on that flight they took NO ONE'S BAGS from
them.  My bag fit perfectly underneat the seat in front of me.
I did make a complaint by phone today with Delta.  They were very interested
in the comments the steward made to me and want a formal complaint in writing
which I will be doing in the next day or two.
Does anyone have any "official" information on whether or not the airlines can
TAKE your carryon from you if it contains medical supplies and is of the
correct size so that I can recite that information in my complaint also?
Thanks for any help you have!
Sorry so long!
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