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Re: [IP] help!

At 01:59 PM 3/28/2002, Karen Burton wrote:
 >I went to the doctor last week and they told me that I
 >had to lose 50 pounds and get my A1c under 7 or they
 >were going to take me off the pump therapy.  I have
 >dropped 4 pounds and my bs are running around 150 but
 >still having some trouble.  Anyone have any advice.
 >I'm really don't want to lose my pump.  I'm really
 >down about this whole thing.

Since the pump belongs to you, the doctor cannot legally take it away from 
you. It's yours, not his. Also, stopping pump therapy won't solve the 
problem. It sounds like he figures that a pump just gives you a license to 
eat.  However, there are a lot of causes for a weight gain and he needs to 
verify that your diet is the real problem first. Also, I'd imagine that it 
would be easier to lose weight using a strict diet, on a pump than off of 
it, since you can vary your boluses for what you actually eat. The bottom 
line is, that the pump isn't the real problem.

In my opinion, it sounds like you need to shop around for a new doctor who 
isn't such a control freak. With diabetes, you're the one who's in charge 
of your day-to-day treatment, not the doctor. (Just my 2 cents worth)

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