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[IP] Doctors Visit/Med Questions

Hi All,

I have just come from my 3 month check up with the endo.  My a1c was at 6.0.  
I have been D for 47 years and can remember when I had a1c of 12, before the 
pump.  Have been on MM 508 for 2 years.  The pump has helped a lot. 

The endo is changing some of my meds and I am hoping that some of you 
fantastic people can help me.  She is having me change from Prinivil to 
Altace.  My bp is a little  high. (135/70) and she is trying to keep the 
kidneys from misbehaving.    My cholestrol is not as low as endo wants it to 
be and because I have some problems with zocor causing allergic reactions, 
endo is changing to Pravachol.  Endo also wants me to take Xenical to help 
the cholestrol problems. 

I am asking if any of you have taken these meds and if there are any bad side 
effects.  The Xenical really has me concerned.  The major side effect 
(frequent bowel movements) is the most concerting.  But endo says that it 
will not harm the D in any way, and I need to lose some weight.  I know the 
insurance company will not pay for Xenical, but will pay for the other 2.  
Any info on any of these three meds would be appreciated.  I have done 
research on the net, but I want some "real people" experiences instead of the 
ones I have found on line.

This may be considered not pumper format, so please answer me off of the 
list.  I am on the digest form so if you answer on the list I may not answer 
too fast.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
email @ redacted
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