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[IP] avg basal, ratios etc

 Ok, I would look this all up in my Pumping Insulin
book, but I'm at college and I think I sent that book
home a while back.
 Ok, I'm 18, hormonal and all that. Basals been
running around 25 units most of this and all of last
semester. I had gained weight on a medicine, but got
off the medicine. I'm not sure how much I've lost but
a few weeks back it was about 13 lbs. BGs since
college have gotten worse, with lots of highs mainly
after meals. Finally getting those down and with
tighter control seeing multiple lows. Keep lowering
overnight basal b/c I have to be over 200 to be about
80 to wake up..yeah, yeah I know. Anyhow, Now I'm on
22 minutes, had a nasty low today in the dean of
students office..couldn't stop shaking and I wasn't
that low. Anyhow I know with the weight loss, even as
a type 1 its natural to need less insulin./ Can anyone
tell me the avg daily dose for an 18 yr old about 135
so on the thin end for my height, moderately active
right now. I'm doing 1:7 for bfast and 1:10 the rest
of the day about. Just trying to get an idea what
would be average..saying now doing about 40 units a
day..but I had been way off the charts and I think
that may be coming down so I'd like an idea of what's
 Please reply to me personally, but use my school
email b/c I check that daily. Thanks..
email @ redacted 

Amy Martin
RMWC Box 396

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