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[IP] New Diagnosis

glucose readings over the past week.  I cannot comment on whether that
reflects a diabetic condition, but I can respond to the overall question

	I was diagnosed as "prediabetic" some 35 years or so ago.  The
implication was that I could avoid getting diabetes if I did the right
things.  The treatment outlined for me at the time was to watch what I
ate, exercise, and do all the good things.  I didn't do those things, and
am now a pumper -watching what I eat, exercising, etc.

	I am informed the prediabetic diagnosis is no longer given.  But, in
reading Richard Bernstein's book, it seemed he discussed the concept of
the pancreas having difficulty producing sufficient insulin. His response
is to eat less carbohydrates and not to over-stress the remaining islets
producing insulin.

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