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[IP] News article -long

Friend of mine who works at RFBD (Reading for Blind and Disabled) forwarded 
this to me for pumper list.

Subject: BellSouth And Vanderbilt University Use Advanced Imaging and
High-Speed Data Technologies to Help Prevent Blindness Caused by
Diabetes      Business Wire   March 26, 2002

State-of-the-Art Imaging and Secure, Reliable Data Technology Enable
Affordable, Expert Eye Screening For Diabetics

BellSouth (NYSE: BLS) and Vanderbilt University Medical Center today
announced a cutting-edge healthcare solution that provides expert care
to people at risk of losing their eyesight due to diabetes-related

The comprehensive solution allows doctors in remote clinics, who may not
be able to detect early signs of diabetes-induced blindness, to send
images of patients' retinas to experts at the Vanderbilt Ophthalmic
Imaging Center (VOIC) in Nashville, Tennessee. Highly trained medical 
personnel at VOICexamine the images and determine if any abnormalities exist 
that could
result in permanent eye damage.

"Every day in the United States, 50 people go blind from diabetes
because they didn't obtain the proper care," said Lawrence Merin,
director of Vanderbilt Ophthalmic Imaging Center. "Annual retinal
examinations are vital to preventing blindness in diabetes patients, but
not every diabetic patient obtains this standard of care. We have an
opportunity to combine science and technology in order to prevent one of
the most prevalent effects of diabetes...loss of eyesight." The
BellSouth networking technology enables doctors in outlying clinics to
take detailed, high-resolution images of patients' retinas and use a
high-speed DSL or frame relay data connection to send the digital images
directly to the VOIC. By combining imaging technologies, Vanderbilt's
leading ophthalmic care and BellSouth's high-speed data solutions,
diabetic patients unable to come to a major medical center now have
access to this innovative new model of healthcare Vanderbilt offers.

"We are excited to be part of an endeavor that uses technology to
improve the quality of life for people in our communities," said Joan
Kratz, vice president of marketing for BellSouth Business. "BellSouth
will continue to support Vanderbilt's efforts to provide the highest
level of healthcare to people throughout the Southeast region and across
the country."

"Because of BellSouth's telecommunications capabilities and its
alliances and teaming agreements, there are no geographical impediments
to offering this kind of service throughout the U.S., Canada, Central
and South America and overseas," Merin added.

The networking solution Vanderbilt and BellSouth implemented is an
effective means of providing patients in remote locations greater access
to medical specialists. By leveraging the scale and coverage of
BellSouth's high-speed metro data network infrastructure, remote
clinics, in ether urban or rural areas, can connect directly to the
Nashville hospital and access the most up-to-date medical information
and patient records.

Vanderbilt has already deployed the high-speed data and imaging
technology in two remote clinics in Nashville, TN.
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