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[IP] RE: Halle Berry

These comments: 1). Were not written by me    2). I have no idea if the
person who posted them is "a person of colour" or not...seems irrelevant to
the observation made.  The quote made no reference to race.
(PS, I am part Pacific Islander/Polynesian).

Since I meant no offence, I trust you will take none.  Be well and take
care!  You are welcome to email me personally if you'd like to speak further
or would like the address of the website that posted that (rather amusing, I
thought) quote  :)
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 13:48:59 US/Eastern

From: email @ redacted

Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Halle Berry

I do not believe that we should be discussing RACE on this list. I would

appreciate if these comments were made somewhere else.

One question for you though. Are you part of the Slavery Class Action

against CSX, AETNA, and FleetBoston?

Thank You......Drive Through

> In a message dated 3/26/02 6:27:39 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< BTW - what was with that speech of hers? Yikes! I would like to quote

> someone who posted on a travel (world wide participants) website: "Halle's

> speech epitomized the kind of deluded rambling that makes the Academy

> such a cringing spectacle. I mean, what does she think she has done, cured

> cancer or something?" >>


> I am sure she realizes that she has not cured cancer! Obviously you are

> a person of color. Since you brought it up on this forum I will reply

> As a woman of color in a field that has few women or men of color

> (architectural engineering), when we are able to get the SAME recognition

> that you all regularly receive and therefore take it for granted that it

> rightfully belongs to you, we are often so overwhelmed that the response

> be rambling. She was the FIRST woman of color (any other than white) to

> receive such an honor. To be the first at anything momentous is

> overwhelming. Last year Julia Roberts rambled on and cried when she won.

> complaints there. Did She Cure Cancer?????
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