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[IP] Trying to lose weight

I can sympathize with Lilli who said she is trying to lose some weight after having a child. My son is not quite 11 months now and I am feeling like I never lost a pound of my pregnancy weight! I just stay so busy with work all day and taking care of the baby after work, then trying to get house work done.  I try cutting out some fat and carbs, but some days it seems like a small treat is all there is to look forward to :)
Anyway, I am taking depo shots for birth control (which isn't helping with the weight issue) and Paxil for depression.  Some days I feel good just to make myself get out of bed. It's hard.
I plan on buying an exercise bike so I can force myself to get some exercise while I watch my 30 minutes of tv before bed.  Maybe I won't gain anymore....
I think it's hard to get out of the ruts we get ourselves into. I can hardly look in the mirror anymore because my face is so fat now.  Which makes me more depressed...
I'm trying to feel hopeful, but it's hard.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who feels fat, tired, and just generally down.
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