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Re: [IP] site changes and highs


  Because you just started you have a ways to go in fine tuning those basals 
to fit YOUR lifestyle and YOUR body's needs.  Your basal rate may need to 
change every hour.  Who knows.  And once you figure this out (it will take 
awhile so relax and listen to your body!!)  then you will have to work on 
those bolus ratios.  My Joshua, age 10, IPer over 2 years now, has about 4 
different bolus ratios, depending on the time of day, whther he is a couch 
potato or active.  These are all things that took me about one full year to 
finally learn.  If you don't have the book, PUMPING INSULIn by John Walsh, 
3rd edition yet, get it!!!  He will take you step by step through this 
process.  And then, after you have conquered that, you can fine tune 
everything according to YOUR own needs.  Start keeping really good records, 
including carbs eaten, bolus used.  And then start doing fasting bg checks to 
check the basals.  Only work on one section of the day (24 hour day!) at a 
time.  Don't alter anything more than 0.1 unit per hour to start with.  You 
will start noticing how your body reacts to everything and put it altogether 
in no time.  MEanwhile, keep coming here and asking the list for help.

Good Luck.......and RELAX!!!!!

mom to Joshua
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