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No Subject

Anne wrote:
If your basals are set right then testing 2 hours later should show good
readings, same as when you bolus for food, 2 hours later should show good
levels, if you have given the correct amount for the carbs eaten and your
basals are set right..
A correction bolus should lower your bgs slightly within an hour.

My response:
But Sarah's original question involved checking after eating, and she is a new pumper whose basals
are probably not yet tuned.  If she changes a site just before eating, it will not be possible to
tell 2 hours later if it is working, because most people are relatively high 2 hours after a meal.
So, Sarah, in the beginning, you are best off to assume the site is working as long as your BG's
do not climb continuously without ever going down.  As long as it goes down between 2 and 3 hours
after eating and bolus it is probably working.  Or as Anne said, a correction without eating
should work within 1 hour, but if your basal is slightly too low, it may be impossible to judge if
your site is OK or not with a correction bolus.  
In my 6+ years of pumping I probably have had less than 10 bad sites.


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