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[IP] Reminders of days past...

Yesterday, Jake's pump was pulled out in his Fitness class while 
rebounding(trampoline?).  This was his last class of the day, he would be 
home in 15min from school and it was set change day, so he wrapped up the 
pump to protect it, and planned to reinsert when he got home.  After getting 
home, and while waiting for the insulin to warm up, he decided he was 
starving(like most 13yr olds, bottomless pit).  It was a great "reminder" of 
days past, when he had to load up his syringe and then psych himself into his 
injection so he could have his snack.  When he got done, he smiled at me and 
said, BOY do I LOVE the pump!

Judy, Mom to Jake, pumping since 8/01
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