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[IP] HMO's for diabetic children

I also would not recommend HMO's for anyone with special health problems.  
However, I am forced to be on an HMO because that is all that is offered 
through my husbands work and mine too when I was working.   I was a bit 
nervous, but I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised.  I've never really 
had to argue for anything.  I get as many strips per month that I need - 300, 
and no were questions asked when I wanted a pump.  I had to make a lot of 
phone calls when choosing my primary care doctor.  I wanted assurance up 
front that I would be referred to my diabetes doctor without any hassles.   
The key was to pick a primary care doctor that was already affiliated to my 
current circle of doctors.  Of course, now I have to travel into Boston for 
all the minor things too like sore throats, etc., but it is worth it to get 
the right care for the diabetes stuff.  My primary care doctor is affiliated 
with a practice at a major teaching hospital, so I am a little more confident 
about the care I would receive if another medical problem were to pop up.   
Also, the state of Massachusetts does have some decent laws regarding 
diabetes care.  Insurance companies have to cover the pump if prescribed by 
an endocrinologist.   Maybe that's why I haven't had any hassles.
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