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[IP] I love my Paradigm

Jenn wrote:
is there anybody who likes the paradigm? pretty much all i've seen is that nobody really likes 

I LOVE my paradigm.  I have been using it almost a month.  I have worn it in the shower a few
times when my sugar was high and I didn't want to disconnect.  The menu system allows me to get to
the right screen much more quickly.  The easy bolus allows me to quickly give a bolus without
having to look at the screen (it beeps with each increment, and I could pick the increment I
wanted to use).  The bolus history and basal review screens give me information in read only mode
so I can easily scroll through the list.  The new reservoir loads without any bubbles.  The pump
primes the tubing in a couple of seconds, and calculates how much insulin is in the reservoir.

The one minor thing I am disappointed in is that it does not have a clip - I have to wear in
either in a pump case which has a built in clip or a plastic holster.  Apparently there was
supposed to be a clip but they kept breaking, so MM is not shipping the clips.

Pumping 6 /12 years - MM506; MM507;  MM511(paradigm)

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