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Fwd: [IP] Re: Halle BerryRe: [IP] Re: Halle Berry

Hi Jenn,
Where can I find out about Lauren's Hope ID bracelet? I would appreciate any 
info. I have the usual medical alert in sterling. It's nice, but not 
fabulous. Also, I wonder what you guys think about this: do you think if an 
emt or a dr. saw a "nice" bracelet, would they look to see if its a medic 
alert? That's why I always steered away from them. One time, when I was 
pregnant with my middle child, I had a severe hypoglycemic reaction in 
McDonalds. Thank god, my husband and daughter were with me because I did lose 
consciousness. I wonder what would have happened if I was by myself. Anyway, 
any feedback would be beneficial.
Also, is there any type 1 diabetics like myself who are trying to lose 
weight???? I have been diabetic for 20 years (since I was 12). I was thin, 
but then in my late teens and more so after the birth of my 1st child, I put 
on weight. I'm not "fat", just "chunky". Anyway, I am dedicated to be healthy 
and fit through correct  nutrition and exercise. Since I have pumped (about 4 
years), I learned how to cheat - (worse thing!!!). But, since I have 
corrected these habits, my sugars have been excellent, consistently. My a1c's 
were always good (between 5.5 - 7), with the exception of my last one (over 
7, but that was another thing all together - I started suffering from 
depression and that effected it alot.). But now, I'm doing better.
If there are any people like me who would like to talk, please email me at
email @ redacted I would love the feedback and any tips. I find losing 
weight with diabetes to be daunting and each pound takes forever!!1

Thank you,
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