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Re: [IP] Re: New Diagnosis

I would call the NIH and see if anyone there could answer.  You also may
want to ask if he would be eligible for a clinical trial to prolong or make
permanent the honeymoon phase.


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From: Paula and James Clements <email @ redacted>
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Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 9:57 PM
Subject: [IP] Re: New Diagnosis

>My DAUGHTER has Type 1, diagnosed early in her life (at 13 months).  The
>rest of our family Jim (DAD), Paula (MOM), James (older BROTHER)
>participated in the trials which took blood samples and looked for
>whatever it is in our blood (antibodies?) which indicated more of a
>prevalence to develop Type 1 D.  Well, that was back in 1996, and Paula
>the Mom and James the Brother did not show the indicators in the blood,
>but Jim the Dad did.  He continued in the trials, and now at the age of
>47 thru the trials with occasional random high spikes thru the years in
>his BG (and now the suspicions of the Dad and Mom) Jim the Dad has been
>testing regularly.  His BGs are high (over 170 up thru over 200) most of
>the last week or so... testing about 4 times a day.  He does not feel
>"bad" or show any of the usual symptoms so far... He needs to see an
>Endo right away, but does anyone have experience in catching the
>Diabetes so early?   Anyone have any of the same experience?
>Mom to Genevieve, (dx'd 13 months, age 6, pumping over 2 years), James,
>10 Non-D, and Wife to Jim, age 47 (Type 1 or 2, or possibly Type Weird
>just recently?)
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