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[IP] Re: New Diagnosis

My DAUGHTER has Type 1, diagnosed early in her life (at 13 months).  The
rest of our family Jim (DAD), Paula (MOM), James (older BROTHER)
participated in the trials which took blood samples and looked for
whatever it is in our blood (antibodies?) which indicated more of a
prevalence to develop Type 1 D.  Well, that was back in 1996, and Paula
the Mom and James the Brother did not show the indicators in the blood,
but Jim the Dad did.  He continued in the trials, and now at the age of
47 thru the trials with occasional random high spikes thru the years in
his BG (and now the suspicions of the Dad and Mom) Jim the Dad has been
testing regularly.  His BGs are high (over 170 up thru over 200) most of
the last week or so... testing about 4 times a day.  He does not feel
"bad" or show any of the usual symptoms so far... He needs to see an
Endo right away, but does anyone have experience in catching the
Diabetes so early?   Anyone have any of the same experience?
Mom to Genevieve, (dx'd 13 months, age 6, pumping over 2 years), James,
10 Non-D, and Wife to Jim, age 47 (Type 1 or 2, or possibly Type Weird
just recently?)      

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