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[IP] hybrid insulin therapy and skiiing.

I am in the middle of our a nnual ski trip with my daughter.  This is her
first year skiing on the pump.  We are having a hard time ... she going high
a lot.  When she was on shots with humulog and lente she would cut her
humulog and increase her lente since she tended to go high in the afternoon.
Now she's going high before lunch  (300s!).  ANy thoughts? Since we are
skiing right now I'd love to have private reponse so that we can make
adjustments.  The idea of increasing insulin for skiing makes me nervous,
maybe the naturae of athe port causes releases of glucagon or something.

ANyway... responses to email @ redacted would be SO appreciated!  My
by the way, is an expert skier and skis the tough runs.

Skiing, like other exciting sports results in secretion of certain hormones
by the body to prepare for dnger or injury. Among those are cortisone and
epinephrine, epinephrine raises the blood sugar and cortisone does as well.
bgs around 300 need attention. lente will not do much with those sugars in
the short time since it is long acting and requires time to solublize and
enter the circulation. The first thing to do is get your daughter on the
pump so you can work from a pointof reference that canb manipulated. there
is no valid reason to use long acting insulins ith the pump. your daughter
is on hybrid therapy. like an electronic device with vaccum tubes and
transistors, the advantages neither and the drawbacks of both. spot
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