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[IP] Re: site changes and highs[IP] site changes and highs

I am a newbie pumper...(very new, started yesterday)Everything was going
great until lunch. At lunch I noticed a jump in my sugars not big but 98
at 11 am and then 178 at 12 noon. So I had lunch and corrected with my
lunch bolus.Everything look fine, no obvious problems. But after lunch 2
hours post 260. So I took a correction bolus 45 min later 311. No good! I
then took insulin by injection and did a site change, I couldn't find
anything wrong with the site or tubing (I am sure it was a newbie mistake
there seem to be a learning curve..). My sugars are returning to normal
slowly at 180 now. But my question is how long to I have to wait before I
can determine that the new site is working? Is 3-4 hours after the
injection a good indicator?
Any comments would be very helpful.
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Hi Sarah
The first  days of pumping are going to be difficult as you still have the
long acting insulin in your system.  After a few days you should be able to
adjust your basals to suit your needs, high bgs aren't always caused by site
problems, more likely they are because your basals are not at the right
Be patient it gets easier as you see a pattern in your levels, the first
week is probably the hardest in getting the basals correct, once they are
its wonderful because they stay at one reading for hours so no correcting is
needed just the right bolus for carbs etc.
 Type 1, 11 years
Pumper, 10 months
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