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Re: [IP] Insurance change

> I am in charge of renewing our company's insurance and we have the
opportunity for a HMO option as well as the current  PPO. This will save my
company a considerable amount of
> money and a  couple bucks less a month for each employee. My question is
> the HMO coverage seems to pay 100% for everything that I would need,
> sounds to good to be true. Some people around here think HMO is the work
> of the devil.
> Michael


When living in Illinois I had an HMO who shall remain nameless. They paid
for everything 100%, which was great (and helped contribute to my
inclination to more intensively manage my diabetes), BUT...

Just make sure if you move to an HMO that there is some flexibility for
diabetics. My HMO only covered one eye exam per year; my ophthalmologists
before and after see me quarterly (I have retinopathy in both eyes). My
infrequent visits to the eye doctor while I lived in Illinois probably cost
me some grief later on.

Also, the HMO had no approved endos--everything was supposed to be treated
by the primary physician. That concept is not only a crock, but was
aggravated by the fact that this particular HMO operated with a "cap" plan;
that is, the less the primary physician treated his patients, the more he
got paid, which is to say his profit motive was to do less. Not a good
formula for diabetics.

My opinion only, but please check out their policies regarding diabetic
treatment. Saving money is great but not at the expense of patients who need
reasonable treatment.

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