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RE: [IP] Insulin Pumpers and a Disney Cruise

I took a cruise last year and was on the pump.  I never asked for carb
counts of any meals.

What I did was go to the lounge for breakfast which was a buffet so I could
pick and choose what I ate and know what I ate and ditto for lunch.  At
dinner, I checked the menu to see what was the least fattening and had lower
carbs and ordered that.

The staff was very helpful in keeping my extra insulin cold.  I brought two
cold packs with me and the steward would pick up the unfrozen one at night
and I'd call in the morning and make a switch for the frozen one.

All you need to do is tell the people when you make reservations that you
are a diabetic and they will note it on your reservation and try to
accommodate you as best they can.

Oh, btw, they always had sugar free deserts around as well.
Kathy B.
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