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[IP] Re: Halle Berry

I frequently wear my infusion site on my thigh (front to front-side) and I
almost always wear my pump on the "leg thing" which straps under the knee.
Halle could have easily worn the pump just the way I do...there were
certainly enough gathers round the waist/legs to hide the small profile of a
Quick Set or Silhouette.  However, she may have gone on syringes for this
one night.  Who knows?

As far as interview go - print or TV: editors may have removed such
comments.  Interviewers may choose not to ask.  Maybe she's sensitive about
the big "D".  Not everyone whose pancreas malfunctions is necessarily an
advocate for educating the masses about D.  Still, disappointing that she
doesn't advocate.  But she is a very fine actress!

BTW - what was with that speech of hers?  Yikes!  I would like to quote
someone who posted on a travel (world wide participants) website:  "Halle's
speech epitomized the kind of deluded rambling that makes the Academy Awards
such a cringing spectacle.  I mean, what does she think she has done, cured
cancer or something?"
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