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[IP] uns coverage

From: "Gary Clifton" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Access Diabetes Supply?

A few days ago I sent a post inquiring about this company or ones similar.
thank all of those who have responded on the message board or privately.
is the kind of information I need.  I am on Medicare and medicare supplement
and do not like paying for 5 vials of Humalog (which is what my endo wants
to get and have on hand) and 5 bottles of glucose test strips, up front and
then waiting for many weeks to get some reimbursement.  I am seeking a way
such as through Access Diabetes Supplor or similar places where they will
accept assignment from Medicare and my supplement so I would not have those
front costs.  When I inquire at those companies many of them seem to
whether or not Medicard will cover Humalog for a pump.  I assure that it
and they said they will verify that.  Thanks again.
Gary C. Clifton
I have no idea what Medicard is, but if it is Medicaid, no one will deal
with that without a gun to their temple. They grouse about every penny
spent, take months to reimburse the supplier and have a set of absurd
hurdles you have to jump thru. In NJ if a patient had Medicaid in my
practice we treated them for nothing because it was to aggrevating to deal
with the burocrats and they wanted to personally see the notes that made on
the patient, so much for privacy I use minimed and they are ok, not great
because it takes them weeks to send out your order. I have rx insurance so i
purchase my humulog in 3 bottle lots. from a local pharmacy (non chain, mom
and pop store) where i get all my meds. we have a cvs store about 4 blocks
from here where i have some of my stuff on file because they are open 24
hours in a row. i never ask my pharmacist to deliver to me, it is expensive
for them. spot
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