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[IP] Insulin Pumpers and a Disney Cruise

My husband and I took the Disney 7-day cruise. I am diabetic so I can't
answer the question specifically. I loved the cruise but thought I should
forewarn you. I asked for the carbs of the meals about 2 months in advance
about a month later I followed up. Of course their answer was 'no problem
but we just can't give the #'s to you until you get on the ship and then it
will be waiting in your cabin'. Unfortunately, that never happened and the
hostess/chef did their best in trying to calculate them - but they didn't
quite understand why I thought fettuccini alfredo has more than 7 carb's in
a large plateful. :) (That was the amount of carb's in the veggies they
added.) So if you ask them, be careful with the info provided. (They also
told me that there were over 1000 carb's in a slice of pie - I think they
calc the whole pie that served 15!) They did try very hard to accommodate
me. I didn't know at that time but the pump companies will send you a
spare/backup pump if you ask far enough in advance and promise to return it.
I did this on our most recent cruise. I do know that all the kids and
parents we talked to about the planned kids activities loved it. The one
exception was the teenagers - the were kind of caught in between the adults
and children's activities. If you want a particular dinning time, Disney
will switch you - they said I needed a signed dr's notice but when I called
and said 'no problem' they switched me over the phone. (I wanted the early
dinner - I think the other started at 8pm, but you can check the website to
Hope you and your family have a wonderful time,
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