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Re: [IP] 504 plans

We have a 504 for our teenage son who is identified as gifted, but also 
has learning disabilities. He is entitled to accommodations such as 
extra time on tests and lessened volume of homework if he demonstrates 
proficiency in a subject.

I believe it is a legal requirement to redo the 504 each year. I also 
believe that it is very important to sit down and physically review the 
504 requirement each year with that year's teachers. Some years we have 
chosen to change the modifications. For example, our son did not like 
being single out to sit near the front of the class after he got into 
high school. Turned out that modification was not helping his school 
performance, it was instead making him self-conscious.

Yes, most teacher in elementary school read the cum  of all 20 or 30 
students. I would not expect high school teachers with 150+ students to 
do this.

Again, I like meeting face to face with teachers and reviewing, 
rewriting the 504. It gives all of us a chance to ask and answer 
questions. There are very few opportunities to meet high school teachers.

Jennifer starts high school next fall. We will be going in June to meet 
with the school nurse and counselor (fortunately, the same one her 
brothers have had for the last 5 years). I will write notes to all the 
teachers before the first day of school, but having the 504 meeting 
early in the school year is essential.


Jennifer Harkleroad wrote:

>OK, I want to know why you should have to do it each year?  Have these people ever heard of a permanent record?  You know....those nifty little files that are started in Kdg. and stay with a child til he graduates?  I am being sarcastic to these"educators" you are dealing with, not you.  You should ask to have a copy of the 504 in his permanent record.  The teachers are supposed to go through permanent records at the beginning, semester, and end of the year. There is no reason why they won't know about your child. I read through my students' permanent records each year.  I learned about one student having a hole in his heart this way. The mom forgot to tell me...I asked her about it.  I guess if this is middle school each teacher won't go through permanent records...However, these kids are on teams. The teams should communicate about exceptionalities in kids...I think you should have the 504 in his record...Just my opinion...
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>"Why was I never informed by the schools about the 504. You can bet I am 
>calling the ADA in my area today and some paper work will be filing through 
>some offices very soon."
>I didn't feel the need for a 504 plan until Jake entered Junior High.  Having 
>to catch and teach 6-7 teachers, school staff, and coaches got very 
>repetitive, and I was beginning to wonder if I was remembering to teach each 
>one completely.  When Jake started having some illnesses, erratic BS's due to 
>stress, and his grades started dropping, our endo encouraged us to speak to 
>his psychologist through the diabetes clinic.  This psychologist encouraged 
>us to seek out and initiate a 504 plan to aid in teaching, all being taught 
>the same things, and to have a "leg" to stand on should we have troubles in 
>the future.  He thought this would aid in less stress for Jake.  I returned 
>to the school the next day, making an appointment with the counselor to do 
>what I thought would start the 504 plan in the works.  I was told that in her 
>estimation, the school was cooperating on our wishes for Jake and a 504 plan 
>was not needed, end of appointment.  I then returned home thinking I was 
>being an over protective Mom, and berating myself for seeking out the 504 
>plan.  The next quarter (winter) for Jake was terrible, for us too.  The 
>stress level went up, his health went down, his grades plummeted.  At the 
>insistence of my husband, I again talked to the psychologist, and he said he 
>would be happy to work with the school in setting up the 504 plan, adding 
>again, he encouraged it.  I AGAIN made the appointment with the counselor, 
>and got the same answers, but by then, my normally A/B student was bringing 
>home F's, his BS's were bouncing from 400-500 to 40 and down to 29.  A lot of 
>the times, these bounces were during the same time periods and classes he was 
>having troubles with.  None of the teachers contacted us as to Jake's 
>troubles, but being the "overly protective" Mom, I constantly emailed the 
>teachers for progress information.  I finally asked to talk to the school 
>district psychologist, who in turn, called me 3 times at home, discussing 
>Jake, his diabetes, his grades, his stress levels, and he took the ball and 
>ran with it.  I told him how many times I had asked for the 504 plan to help 
>out Jake and he researched the "brick wall" I had encountered.  Needless to 
>say, keep at it, it is your right, and your child's!  We signed Jake's 504 
>plan Jan 15, 02, 4 months after the first request.  
>I was informed by the school however, it is my duty to make sure the 
>teachers, etc., receive notification or a copy of the 504 plan each year, 
>each semester change, etc.  I do not mind my duty, I do it for my child.
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