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[IP] Re: Iowans, and which pump

> From: "gtlovelace" <email @ redacted>
>   But IMO the way to choose which pump you want is to
> try, if not all, at least three of them.  There are links on the Links
> http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/links.shtml  that will point you to
> "Comparison Pages" for the 4 companies and the 6 pumps currently being
> in the US.
> George   (soon to be "comparing" pumps for a replacement on my expiring
> warranties)       ;>)
Hi George

Thank you for posting the pump comparison page. As I too am comparing pumps
(I am due for a new one next month) I printed the page  and went down the
list highlighting the features I liked in green and the ones I didn't like
in orange, my least favorite color.

To my surprise, the Disetronic D -Tron  had the most green highlighting.
 I had not even considered this pump probably because there is more
discussion of Minimed and Animas on the pumpers list.

My Minimed 507 was the only pump offered to me originally, now I can choose
according to my needs.  The Animas rep showed me their  pump, but I  found
the screens a bit too cluttered for my visual comfort.   Also, too many
basal profiles, too many color choices etc.  As I get older and experiencing
many senior moments, I like things simple and uncluttered.

The Minimed 508 turns me off because of its record of failures reported on
IP IP, but also its lack of water proofness, (I just want to get in and out
of the shower without disconnecting or needing a shower bag) and the fact
that  the downloading software is presently only available to doctors. I
need those downloads to refresh my own memory.  The Paradigm is not
downloadable and I don't like the exclusivity of its infusion sets.  What if
they have a shortage of those sets?

I have a question re the duration of the bolus on the D-Tron.  It is 4
seconds, while the Minimed 508 is 35 seconds.  I have always liked a slower
delivery rate  as I am concerned about insulin pooling. Has anyone had a
problem from switching to a pump with a faster delivery rate ?

I am waiting for the Disetronic rep to call me re the D-Tron and hope that
he will call back soon.  I admit that I am a bit afraid of switching pump
companies as I've had great service with Minimed soooo....

Denise Guerin
Type 1 47 years
Minimed 507 4 years
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