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[IP] Re: British Med Journal article

There are 12 trials included in this study.  Ten of them are in the 1980's 
going back to 1982!  Diabetes care has changed so much in the last 20 years I 
don't know why anyone would even consider a study that was that old.  These 
researchers must really be out of touch with reality.  Both pump therapy and 
intensive insulin injection therapy have come a long way (just the fact that 
home glucose testing is more the norm).  Even in the article they acknowledge 
that pumps have improved so far as alarms (low battery, etc.) and insulins 
that are less likely to clog in the cannula.  I'm sure some of the veteran 
pump wearers could name a few more improvements!

I think they must have has a point that they wanted to prove and found 
studies that didn't show a big difference (all did favor the pump) so they 
could say that it wasn't enough of a difference to justify in most cases.

Type 1,  pumping 2 1/2 years (Novalog) 
Not always loving the pump but I would always choose it over injections any 
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