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[IP] site changes and highs


I am a newbie pumper...(very new, started yesterday)Everything was going
great until lunch. At lunch I noticed a jump in my sugars not big but 98
at 11 am and then 178 at 12 noon. So I had lunch and corrected with my
lunch bolus.Everything look fine, no obvious problems. But after lunch 2
hours post 260. So I took a correction bolus 45 min later 311. No good! I
then took insulin by injection and did a site change, I couldn't find
anything wrong with the site or tubing (I am sure it was a newbie mistake
there seem to be a learning curve..). My sugars are returning to normal
slowly at 180 now. But my question is how long to I have to wait before I
can determine that the new site is working? Is 3-4 hours after the
injection a good indicator?

Any comments would be very helpful.




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