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[IP] Re: Insurance Change

In a message dated 3/25/02 3:18:58 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> My question is 
> the HMO coverage seems to pay 100% for everything that I would need, 
> sounds to good to be true. Some people around here think HMO is the work 
> of the devil. My doc is on their small list of doctors so no need to 
> change if I decide to go with HMO. Does anyone on this list have HMO 
> through BC/BS of Illinois? if so how is it. The PPO has been great 
> covering 80% for my pump. but paying nothing sounds good.
> Thanks
> Michael

Michael - I have HMO Illinois (through BC/BS)  I think this is the company 
you are thinking of going to.  I chose it because it was less expensive that 
our other choice (United Health care) and had no deductible but I was also 
skeptical about an HMO.  I know each plan is different but I've had it for 
over a year and they have been covering 100% of my pump supplies.  They also 
cover my test strips at 100%!  I get a one month supply of 200 strips for 
free at the pharmacy.  I could also get a 3 month supply through mail order  
(Walgreens).  My doctor wasn't thrilled that I switched and said some things 
might not be covered but so far I haven't come across anything.  They do pay 
slower than United Health Care so I usually get a bill but it does get paid.  
One mistake I made was not to get a referral for my eye doctor for my annual 
exam (didn't need to do this before).  Apparently my doctor can't do retro 
referrals so I submitted a letter to ask them (HMO Illinois) to pay for it.  
Still waiting for response but even if I pay for the eye visit I'm still 
ahead of the United Health Care choice (by the way I had them before and had 
no problems, I just switched when my there was a deductible).

Type 1 28 years, pumping 2 1/2 years - Novalog
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