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[IP] Re:Pump/Beeper and 504 Thread & my own rant

I have seen this attitude from others including my Mother-in-laws
immediate family. It was the first time I was really incensed
because strangers I brush off but this was her FAMILY. My husband
and I (type 1) took my mother-in-law (type 2-on insulin) to her
brothers wake. This involved my father-in-law driving her 1 1/2
hours to our house and then driving 3 hours to new york to the
funeral home (in their old neighborhood-very emotional for her).
I knew when we got there she was going to have a low-she
obviously hadn't eaten enough that day was distraught, sweating,
etc. We had to force her to sit down and have some juice. We then
decided to eat out with some of her cousins since I knew she'd
never make the drive back. She was only testing in the 80's after
juice and a snack. We then had her stay at our house that night
and my husband brought her home the next day. It was, with just
that visit, an ordeal for her. She is in her 70's has other heart
problems, neuropathy, etc. that her family knows about. What
INFURIATED me was they all gave her grief for not coming out the
next day for the funeral which would have entailed the same
amount of driving plus another 4 hours or more of driving to Long
Island for the cemetery. She would explain that it would be too
much with managing her diabetes, and they would say "oh, just eat
something" or "you just need to do a shot" etc. and made her feel
positively awful for not going-this includes her own sister and
brother. I couldn't believe it! At that point I wasn't on a pump
yet, so my husband had his hands full traveling with the two of
us ;-) We couldn't have fit more juice boxes in the car.

My last point is that she has never in over 25 years seen an endo
until I became diabetic and we made her. She is now under some
better control with adding glucophage. Doctors aren't even fully
educating people on their own condition and choices and she still
follows the old no sugar diet as well and can't understand how I
eat what I eat. I know I can't change her mind on such long
standing beliefs but I would love to see her enjoy more

Thanks for listening.

Kathleen, MM508

> I was thinking about this thread, and some of the other things
that have
> been discussed here, and came to the conclusion that there is a
common issue
> with all of these things - people think diabetes is simple.
> Diabetes was barely included in my 504, if at all, because the
> attitude of everyone is "so what?  My <insert family member
here> had it.
> It was no big deal."  How did that become the prevailing
> More importantly, what can we do to change it, besides one
person at a time
> information?
> Jenn
> email @ redacted
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