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[IP] Another question about zestril

I have been taking zestril for some time now (7 years?) until we decided
to get pregnant.  I was started on the zestril because of protein
showing up in a 24 hr urine collection.  I was told it was a
preventative medication.  I stopped the zestril (actually, prinivil) in
March of 2001, and got pregnant in June.  Our daughter was born 2 weeks
ago today, and I haven't yet started the prinivil back up.  My blood
pressure was higher than normal during my pregnancy, but not too high to
require any special medicine or treatment.  However, after delivering,
my bp went up higher than it had during pregnancy.  My doctor wants me
to rest as much as possible, but says the blood work was fine.  Anyway,
my question is... once I start the prinivil again, is there a good
chance that my bp will return to normal?  I have an appointment with my
endo Wednesday, and will ask him, but the previous posts about zestril
and blood pressure got me wondering.
Thanks... Heather

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