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Re: [IP] 504 plans

Again, this depends on the school. I don't have access to my students'
permanent records. They're kept by the counselors, and I would have to catch
each (of 6) counselors and sit in his office for the whole time to read the
file -- and neither the counselors nor the teachers have time to do this for
150 students each semester, not counting the ones who come in during the
middle of the semester.

It's SO easy to say what the teachers SHOULD be doing, but it's also
important to understand the other side of the story. You should know what
your rights are, but you should also do your best to enable the school to
take proper care of your child -- which often means taking the time to
educate the teachers and other adults who come into contact with your child.

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From: "Jennifer Harkleroad" <email @ redacted>
 The teachers are supposed to go through permanent records at the beginning,
semester, and end of the year. There is no reason why they won't know about
your child. I read through my students' permanent records each year.  I
learned about one student having a hole in his heart this way. The mom
forgot to tell me...I asked her about it.  I guess if this is middle school
each teacher won't go through permanent records...
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