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[IP] Real Trouble

> I am in real trouble here.  I was getting low on pump supplies (1
> box each left) and called minimed to have it delivered to my new
> house (I moved the other day) and here I am with no supplies at
> all.....bone dry.  MM never delivered my supplies and I told them I
> am out!  I have insulin, but after a few hours, my resivoir will be
> empth and I have no resivoirs or infusion sets.  I called all the
> hospitals and med supplies shops and no one has any. What do I
> do????  I am so scared.

contact MM, they will overnight you some sets and syringes. You can 
refill the syringe you are using now in a pinch. And your set will 
most likely continue to work for another day or so. Regular insulin 
is and OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATION. You should be able to
purchase it at the nearest pharmacy for $15 - $20 bucks along with 
syringes for about another $10. No prescription required. Call your 
docs office. They also always have sample quantities of insulin 
analogs and insulin given to them by the sales reps. If you are using 
Humalog or Novolog, this is a quick way to get a bottle in a pinch. 
Your doc or the CDE may also have an extra set and / or syringe lying 
about for your pump as well.

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