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Re: [IP] ins. Q

> I had some lab work done in 2001 when we had a diff. ins. carrier.
> The lab was slow in submitting the claim and I'm just now getting
> the ins. co's explanation of benefits stating *it was not submitted
> in a timely manner.* On the part that says *Insured's
> responsibility* there is the full charge. Now, it wasn't our fault
> the lab was slow. How do we handle this? Pay it? They would all be
> slow and get the money from the patient if that's the case. TIA 
> (~_^)

No, kick it back to the lab and point out to them that they are under 
contract to the insurance company and it is their obligation to 
submit the billing in a timely matter. They then have a choice, argue 
for their reimbursement with the carrier or kiss it off altogether. 
Make it clear you have not intention to  pay. If the submit it for 
collection, respond in writing that you do not want to be contacted 
again and that the bill was sent in late by the lab. The will end it 
(although they may try a different agency, repeat if necessary). The 
credit rating agencies pretty much ignoe medical submissions because 
they know this problem exists big time. Don't get bamboozled into 
paying for this. Also complain to the carrier, it is not your 
problem. REALLY!!

Since my son ran up 500,000 in bills his first few years of life, 
I've had a great deal of experience with this -- believe me it works. 
If the medical establishment screws up the billing, it is their 
problem. Just don't pay and defend your reasons. Works every time. 
The end result is usually the medical establishment will drop the 
charges or accept the co-pay/deductible as payment if full. Make sure 
and print on the back of your check where the endorsement stamp goes.

"Endorsement and negotiation of this check constitutes acceptance as 
payment in full for invoice(s) ------whatever----".

The cancelled check is then your instrument of defense in the event 
the matter ever goes to small claims court (very rare, never happened 
to me with LOTS of bills).

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